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Capricorn Somerset Goats Cheese bakewell truffle with Mixed green salad

This dish is all about those long slow cooking days... a proper weekend of sloth-like shuffling around the kitchen with nothing to do but stir the sauce every hour or so... and then, at the end of the day you are rewarded with a taste sensation of sweet sticky heat and deeply rich tomatoey love...

For the red pepper, fig and tomato chilli jam


For the goats cheese pizza

For the chilli jam

... the hero of any decent pizza is the tomato sauce... and I’ve made the tomato jam before but I’m doing it again here with some added ingredients that came in the wonderful #CapricornChallenge hamper I received last week.

Some red peppers, an ingredient I rarely use but have been feeling the pepper-love quite a bit recently... and best of all some dried figs who's sweetness will compliment the acidity of the goats cheese beautifully... I’ve also used fresh tomatoes as well as tinned tomatoes this time... I will be using this jam quite a bit over the next few weeks as it can be used in so many dishes from a pizza base to a pasta sauce... it's even great simply smothered on toast.



Goats cheese pizza 

...for me, keeping it simple is the key to a good pizza... loading it with too much stuff just ruins the point... make two different ones and mix up the toppings but apart from the tomato base, no more than three.

 Capricorn Somerset Goats Cheese







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