Somerset, the home of Capricorn Somerset Goats cheese

Somerset, the home of Capricorn Somerset goats cheeseMore than 1300 years ago, West Saxon farmers used to fatten their cattle in a place where pastures were so rich that they called it the Summer Land. Eventually, it became known as Somerset.

Today our county is regarded as one of the best dairy farming regions in the UK with ideal soils and a good rainfall producing lush sweet grazing.

Somerset offers diverse scenery from the undulating wooded countryside that surrounds the Lubborn Creamery at Cricket St Thomas, to the “big” skies and the moorland of Exmoor National Park.

Somerset, the home of Capricorn Somerset Goats cheese


As well as being famous for its cheese, Somerset is also famous for so many things that enhance its reputation as a quality farming area; such as its apple orchards for cider and its quality local produce available at the many farmers’ markets in the county.

There are even several vineyards in Somerset.

Somerset is a real taste of the West Country and an ideal place to explore and to relax in. 

If you ever visit Somerset you will find that it is a County easy to get to but hard to leave.

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