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Making Capricorn Somerset Goats Cheese

Making Capricorn Somerset Goats CheeseAfter pasteurisation of the goats'milk, specially selected cultures are added, giving Capricorn its unique flavour and texture. A vegetarian rennet is introduced to gently coagulate the milk into the curds that make up the cheese.

The curds are cut into cubes increasing the surface area and thereby accelerating the release of the whey. In order to form the cheese into its basic shape, the curds are poured into moulds which are then turned several times to drain the whey evenly. Once removed from the mould, the cheeses are lightly dusted with salt, racked and stored in special maturing rooms. A delicate fluffy white coat grows on the cheese during the course of ten days. Our cheese is then wrapped and continues to mature through the ripening process.

Capricorn Somerset Goats Cheese ripening for 7 weeksCapricorn Somerset Goats Cheese, ripening process

The ripening is a continuous and living process over a period of seven weeks, during which the cheese changes in appearance and taste. A young Capricorn will be pure white, crumbly in texture and with a slightly nutty flavour.

Halfway through the process the cheese usually has three "bands", the two outer layers where the cheese has ripened and a middle layer where the cheese is still firm and yet to ripen. As it ripens from the outside towards the centre, the white curd becomes softer and creamier, and develops a fuller flavour.

Meet the makers of Capricorn Somerset Goats Cheese

We have a loyal team of cheese makers, many of whom have worked for the Lubborn Creamery for all their working lives.

Some of our cheese makers have even been at Lubborn for more than 2 decades!

All of our cheesemakers are passionate about their work and take great pride in producing the very best British soft cheese. 

Many of the team worked at the site of our original creamery in Crewkerne. At the new site in the valley of Cricket St Thomas, the cheese making process has essentially remained unchanged, although new technology has improved consistency and quality control, with the pleasing result that customers say our cheese tastes even better!