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Capricorn goats with character

Goats are very sociable animals and full of character.

In this section we look at the variety of breeds in the herds, their endearing characteristics and the historical importance of goats to man.

From goats with character


Goats are extremely sociable animals with a strong herd instinct. They prefer to live in settled and familiar groups. It may surprise you to learn that goats are susceptible to stress, so it is vital that they feel calm and secure and are well cared for with a healthy and varied diet.

Our goats live in large, open straw-bedded barns designed to allow plenty of natural daylight and fresh air to enter and of course plenty of space for them to wander around. Goats like to be pampered and given the choice, prefer a cosy barn with their friends rather than outdoors suffering a harsh climate.

Our goats enjoy a varied diet and their food is readily available throughout the day. One of the main ingredients is maize silage – very similar to sweetcorn, maize grows well in the surrounding countryside. It is harvested in the autumn, then chopped and stored in a clamp. The silage is mixed with sugar beet and soya bean meal. Hay made from the lush pastures is another ingredient.

Capricorn Somerset Goats Cheese facts

 History of Goats

The goat was probably the first animal to be domesticated around 7000 – 9000 BC.

In fact worldwide, goats' milk is more extensively consumed than cows' milk. People of the Mediterranean have been making cheese from goats' milk since around 10,000 BC. The Romans ate small goats' cheeses soaked in olive oil and Pharaoh Tutankhamun liked goats' cheese so much he wanted tubs of cheese to be placed in his burial chamber.

The domestic goat belongs to the genus Capra and has possibly been developed from 5 wild species. It is a hollow horned ruminant with a beard and an upright tail!